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hoping one of you has an idea or a suggestion on a solution for me.

Lets say you have a PDF with a form fill that a person can input text into.
Then you want that information to populate in specific spots on the rest of the PDF how would you do that?

or what is that called so I can research. I am getting stuck!!!

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I accidentally just had this happen on a form I was making fill able.

If you look at the properties of the field, you'll see the field name. Whatever field you want populated with the same info, then just give it the same name.

Field Name = LastName
If any other field on the form has a field with the name LastName, then it will populate whenever either one is filled in.

I was copying/pasting some yes/no check boxes, and when I checked the first YES block, all of the others filled in. Once I renamed each box/field, then they were separate entries again.

I think there's also a way to link them, or create an association, but I can't remember where that is.

We've got Adobe Acrobat Pro at work, so your editing options may be different.

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