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Maybe this will help...

To adjust float height:

1. Tilt the carbs so that the floats just flop over towards and into the carb body.

2. Tilt just enough to touch and close the float the float valve, but...

3. Do NOT compress the float valve spring when measuring.

4. With the metal adjustment tang on the float just touching, but not compressing the float valve spring, measure to the highest part of the float from the gasket flange. If there is a gasket or o-ring stuck to the carb body, remove it while measuring.

5. If the floats are different, right to left, use the highest float (the one farthest away from gasket surface).

6. To correct the float height setting, bend the small metal tang, then recheck the measurement. Bend the tang a little bit at a time till you get it right. Must be all within a .5mm (1/2mm) or .020" range of each other.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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