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Does anyone else CRACK UP when reading the Sky Mall catalog, or those other "random crap" catalogs that come to the house?

I have been bowled over laughing this morning about this:

The Bacon Wallet
Is this what they mean by "Bring home the bacon"? Folks will do a double take when they see you with this eye-catching wallet that's printed to look like real bacon strips!

Peter Petrie Egg Separator
Peter Petrie makes separating eggs easy. Crack the egg gently into the top. His big nose blocks the yolk, but allows the whites to flow easily into your bowl. You get the job done-with a giggle!

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Sky Porn FTW. Imagine watching that on your way to Vegas while flying JetBlue. Someone set it up. I'm willing to invest in it.

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They put one of those in my compartment on the train home from California. Ridiculous--lots of fun to read over a couple of beers.

By the way, I can't see giggling about dumping Peter Petrie's sinus blockages into your omelettes, unless you've got serious social maladjustment.
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