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I got some PM aluminum wheels for the Busa which comes with an aluminum sprocket. I have some concerns about the aluminum sprocket on the turbo Busa. I have not been very successful in my search for steel sprockets to fit the PM wheels but plan on contacting PM Monday to see what they have to say.

Does anyone have experience running the aluminum sprockets on big bore bikes? It's one thing if they are going to wear faster but another if there's a chance of breaking the sprocket or ripping teeth off and getting stranded or hurt. How about a source for steel sprockets?

Hopefully PM can help with additional info.

I recall now that this is why I decided to stay with the stock rims last year when I was looking at wheels.
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Well if my stock YZf750 rips the teeth off aluminum sprockets, I'm pretty damn right that yours will annihilate one.:laughing

As for steel sprockets, JT sprockets, Suntour and a few other ones are good. Kneedraggers, MAW and other parts places have them for sale.

never put a aluminum sproket on any bike!!! unless its a BMX bike.

for real dude..throw it at a wall or something..use only steel
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