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Still at work...

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It 7pm, and I'm still here at work:mad

Traffic is at a standstill on 290\355 headed South, so I am going to try and wait it out here at the office......
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Hey, me too! :D
I'm at work too
Took the bike to work was nice in Melrose park.... when i got to river grove i got caught by a nasty downpour that lasted 3 minutes but by that time i was soaked:mad :mad . I had just cleaned the bike too so now it looks like shit again:mad My underwear is wet:mad I feel miserable:mad i need a :cheers
Dude that sucks... I work tonight though so dont feel bad.
I gotta deal with idots celebrating. :mad

Its hard determining fireworks from gunshots in the city, especialy when aimed at me:)
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