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Nice easy cruise through the countryside up to Starved Rock State Park.

I'll lead. All backroads, nice moderate pace through the twisties (all 5 or 6 turns:laughing )

Just a nice afternoon of sight seeing. The weather loosk great.

1PM Gas City on Weber Road

Hey Cherry take I-55 to Rt. 6 turn right on Rt. 6 then go to light. The FIRST LEFT after the light turn (bridge rd I believe street, but will be the first laft after light) Follow that around til you come to a STOP sign, Turn Right (that takes ya back to RT. 6) Turn left on RT 6, follow 6 Til ya come to RIDGE RD. Make a LEFT Turn. Follow that til you come to stop sign, Turn right (BECAREFUL!! downhill sharp right turn). That is the back rd I took us on that 1 time out to Starved Rock. Follow that road all the way til ya come to a STOP sign (about 5miles or so).

Go Straight and follow street under a viaduct and turns left. You will come to a STOP light ( that will be RT47) Turn LEFT at light til you come to an EAGLE store on left at Light That is RT6 again, TURN LEFT.

Follow that out for prob 10 miles maybe. There should be a stop sign and another saying SENECA LEFT..turn you will come to that CLARK station we always stop at.

Then follow rd over bridge turn RIGHT, right after the bridge, that is the badass rd everyone likes. Follow that way out til you pass by where we sumtime stops along the road by the fence across from a church i believe, follow up til STOP light, turn right that takes you to rt 71 or 171 w/e it is that takes ya to back way into the rock. ya will turn left at a light for Rt 171/71 (which eva the rt is) just follow that out for good 10 miles NICE curvy roads and then brings ya to back way of the rock tight turnin rds n shit......

I HOPE ya get all

G'Luk guys n Gals Wish I could go but da lil lady gets mad when i ride all weekend, But if the ride for Saturday gets rained out I will probably show up for the ride Sunday..if ya need help getting from Gas Shitty to Rt in morris the back roads post and i MIGHT be able to get away for the hr to get yas

Lataz :- PM me if ya want my # to call for any ?'s or probz

Work In Progress...
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I will be there...Weather permitting :D
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