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Sunday Ride Anyone?....8/4/02

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well i know its kinda late tonight for a large group to gather for tomorrow i was thinking of hooking up after noon.

1:00 at the gas shitty (romoeville, weber rd and hwy55)
kick stands up at 1:15

where we riding?...all over the place down here.

i was actually thinking about going a touch more south down 55 and see if i can come across some more roads. my last search found a couple NICE turns but nothing to make a route with cause it dead ended.

so if anyone wants to ride and normal ride with ocasional playing around...your welcome to come along. there might be some road searching and u-turns also.


post if ya's commen
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nah. accuweather says rain won't hit until about 8ish tonight.

I'll be down at gas city. So what if it rains. After hitting all the bugs last night, the bike needs to be cleaned really bad anyway (damn humidity)
Odysseys said:
yeah its pretty muggy:(

maybe we'll just take it easy and make this a tshirt squid ride....end up at a Hooters and BS a little :D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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