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Sunday Ride Anyone?....8/4/02

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well i know its kinda late tonight for a large group to gather for tomorrow i was thinking of hooking up after noon.

1:00 at the gas shitty (romoeville, weber rd and hwy55)
kick stands up at 1:15

where we riding?...all over the place down here.

i was actually thinking about going a touch more south down 55 and see if i can come across some more roads. my last search found a couple NICE turns but nothing to make a route with cause it dead ended.

so if anyone wants to ride and normal ride with ocasional playing around...your welcome to come along. there might be some road searching and u-turns also.


post if ya's commen
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I might show up, Ken could you show me a few rock walls to smash into...I need to make the other side of the 954 match....also, I really need to loop it now too....bring the camera, the 954 is going DOWN!:evil
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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