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Suprise Sunday Ride...7-14

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I have yet to figure out where to, but it will be a nice cruise...Fox Lake, Starved Rock, Wisconsin, Indiana, who knows? I just know that I could go for a ride this afternoon. If you want to join me...

Meeting place: Strats on North Av just west of Rt. 83

Meeting time: 2:45-3:00, hit the road soon after.

Where: Dunno yet, undecided, but it will be a good one.

Type of ride: Probably a slow ass boring cruise with some ultra-high speed hijinks and massive stunting/running from the cops:jester (this is sarcasm)

Post it if you are in.
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I'm coming!!!!:cheers
Oops! Didn't log on to the board until now. Sorry I missed yuz!
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