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Suspension setup help

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Can anyone help properly setup my suspension on my 748? I've been tinkering with it, but it just doesn't seem to get dialed in. Granted, I'm no expert in suspension work so that probably explains it. Where's Ducman when you need him?!! I know this bike is capable of so much more if I had the right settings. Please help a brotha out...
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I don't know how good this is or if it will help, or you can buy Max McCallister's book for $15.00
Okay, the Racebike site is pretty basic.
I would have to ride it first. haha, jk. come out to bike night this wednesday with it. We can do some easy stuff like sag, and play with the compression and rebound a bit(bounce test :) ) but the real test is on the road.
yes i would like some help with this too =). im sick of being catapulted off my bike from small bumps and stock settings...:D
Every bike is a little different. But first you have ot set the sag. Then adjust dampeneing ot your prefrence, starting at stock settings.

TO set sag. Youi typically want 30-40mm or sag. Sag is the difference in how much your shocks compress from fully unloded to when your sitting on the biek.

First unload the frotn forks, you may need a person to lift them or use a front stand. Measure from a fixed point like the triple clamps too the ground. Then sit on the bike as you would when riding through a turn (leaned forward). Measuer this number from the same point as before. Subtract the meausrements. If it's aroudn 40mm, your good. If it's higher, add more preload, if it's less, reduce the preload.

Do the same thig for the rear.

Typically the rear is set very stiff at sotck settings since the bike is designed fro a passenger, and the front is a little soft.

I'm 180lbs, I'm at stock preload in the rear and 1 line more than stock in the front. That was for BHF, I'll run a little more preload for Gratton.

For dampening, you want ot run as little dampening as needed to keep the bike from floating around.
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