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Thanks Ody

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Woud like to thank Ody for helping 4 of us out today with our suspensions. You rock.:cheers

Yep there goes my shirt walking on its own. :jester
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hey no problem...:D

So how do you guys like the way it feels now?
Remember dialing in your compression and rebound will take some time..(it took me 4 months click my click to get it the way I like it) actually to the way it handles pretty DAMM nice now even on the track.

does anyone feel its to hard?, to soft?, un controllable...or is it now more controllable with more action in a GOOD tracking way to the ground for inputs.
i noticed a few of you said..WOW it seems to pop up faster flicking it over to the other side...that's means the suspension was just dead sogginess the suspension and not returning it just acting compressed (leaned into a corner with corner pressure) and now it flicks faster.

Hope you guys like the new PERFORMANCE change.
Ride it as much as you can and feel what its doing.

If any questions..ask ill try to help.
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Yes I was one that said "wow". It felt like I was riding a completely different bike on the way home. :thumbsup
can u make it on a weekend as i work weekdays in the afternoon?
jibaro69 said:
can u make it on a weekend as i work weekdays in the afternoon?
Make it a Saturday afternoon (like 1PM and later) or any time Sunday and I'd probably go, too. :D
it was pretty sweet. We all met up at gas chitty at noon on Saturday, then went over to the industrial park. Tried to find some shade but were unsuccessful. Everything was going smooth until ody threw the ice and water down the sewer.:mad
oh wait, that was after he realized he was turning the rear suspension the wrong way.:jester
yes guys ill do it on a weekend after nooner again...when i get TIME to do stuff like this for my hoomies.

and sorry about throwing the water out...lmao....i told ya to sit in the van with a/c but ya didnt want to:jester

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