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KELLY STONER grew up riding bikes with her younger brother Casey, both determined to fulfil their dreams: one as a motorbike champion, the other a musician.

Now, a year after Casey became MotoGP world champion, Kell, as she is known, has released her debut EP.

"I guess we've both been really raised to follow our hearts, to follow our dreams - we've always really encouraged each other as well," said the 29-year-old musician, who is 6 years older than Casey.

"He loves music, he enjoys my songs ... I even tried to teach him the drums once."

Stoner's music project is on a small scale - it is an independent EP recording - but it has some heavyweight industry backing. The songs were co-produced by Bill Chambers, the singer-songwriter father of Kasey Chambers.

Stoner approached Chambers at a gig in Newcastle last year and asked whether he would listen to some recordings of her songs.

"I plucked up the courage when I went to his gig - I harassed him when he went to have a beer," she said.

He phoned Stoner the next day, offering to work with her in the studio. The six songs on Stoner's EP were recorded on the Central Coast, with Chambers and co-producer Jeff McCormack overseeing the sessions. Her material is heavily influenced by country, blues and soul.

"It was pretty nerve-racking. It was the first time I'd recorded in a proper studio like that," she said.

The singer, who now lives near Bellingen in northern NSW, grew up riding motorbikes just like her brother. In her childhood, she was Queensland's under-9 motocross champion.

"That was about as far as I got, but I beat two boys for the title," she said.

She worked as a journalist and publicist while turning her passion for writing poetry into lyrics for songs. "I started playing guitar when I was about 20 years old - I'd started seeing music being played live and it grabbed my heart," she said.

"I always loved poetry but I wanted to make the words move."

Stoner is releasing her EP independently but she has a distribution deal through Vitamin Records.

She has already begun working on an album, which she hopes will be released next year.

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Source: The Sun-Herald
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