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Thumbs up to Jack (

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Just got the pictures I ordered. I had no idea how crisp, clear and how high the resolution would be.

Now I just need to learn to ride better so I can get some better shots. Not to be too vain, but they look great, I might get a poster size next time.

Nothing like hearing people say whne they see the photo "who that in the picture" with a modest grin, oh just me going for a little sunday cruise:D
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I ordered the same photo as my avitar. I don't have thme in digital form, otherwise I'd post them. I ordered some prints. A couple 8X10's (one for me, one for the parents) and a 5X7 (for my office at work:D )
Michael said:

i know my riding isn't the best .. but you can check out Jack's work in all it's glory by following the link in my sig.

he even makes me look like i can ride! :D
As good as the photo's look on the web. The 5 star shots in full resolution when printed o nphoto paper look incredible. It looks as good as any photo you'd see in a magazine, probably better.

He also does a excellent job of getting the best angles. Most shots, he tried to get them so you're almost looking right at the camera.
Hey Jack, wanna take some wheelie shots for me? :D :D

Man I really got to get to a track day even if its just for the photos.
Jack is just awesome... he's got a real talent. I just wish he could have been at the track for my little "get-off" and to witness my achievement of maximum lean angle going thru the carousel!
Wow, thank you all very much!!! You made my day.

I needed that!

And Tony, I hope I get the chance to get some pics of you someday.
Jack said:
Wow, thank you all very much!!! You made my day.

I needed that!

And Tony, I hope I get the chance to get some pics of you someday.
there's always my bbq jack!!!! hint hint!!!! free for the camera man(ok ill cover your cost )!:thumbsup
Jack you got mail and your PM box is full. Tried to respond to your PM.
Yes.... Jack is the shiz-nit. He took some great shots of me at the last CCS weekend at BHF (and the shots of DanO's crash are KILLER!!!) I haven't ordered prints yet (right now, I want like 10 of them... I'm trying to whittle it down so I don't blow 10 million dollars on pictures ;) )

Jack, I promise... I'll be ordering at least 4 prints from ya.... are you planning to be at RA this weekend?
I hope so


I'm trying to get some work done so I can, but the plan is to be there Friday and Saturday at the least.

See you out there! Most likely turn 6 inside and outside, maybe turn 8 and the carousel.
Oooh, I'd definitely be down with some shots of T8, inside AND out. T6 isn't my best - hopefully by my 2nd race on Saturday I'll have it down.

I'll be in the following races on Saturday:

2 - Unlim GP Am
11 - Heavyweight SB
15 - Heavyweight SS

And on Sunday:

4 - $1000 NRRS Open SS Am
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