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tires cheap!

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Tires cheap!!

I got a bunch of race scuffs for sale.

PM or call me for pricing 847-885-7525

1 set of Michelin H2s
1 set of Michelin M2/S2
1 set of Pirelli Super Corsas SC1/SC2
1 set of Michelin Pilots Races (cheap)
2 sets of D207 ZRs


BTW these are my tires from racing, not from my shop
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If you can get those to fit on my zx10 ill take a pair

On a side note since none of them will............. Ya think you could lead me in the right direction for a set of radials for a 86 zx10? also i need a set for a 85 zx9?
What size are the H2's?
KBOlsen said:
What size are the H2's?
Hey Kim,

180 rear and a 120/70 front
here's some pics
pilots races
Start running a 160 rear and I'll buy some... LOL
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