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I've been working in NYC for the past three weeks and get back tomorrow at noon with the rest of the day off. This is my attempt at making up for all the missed riding time and thought I'd invite who ever would be interested. I've never taken this route before but it came suggested, kind of. I'll be home by 1p tomorrow and will be on my bike by 1:15p. If anyone has a proposed meeting place along the route, feel free to suggest it. Pace will be determined by the group, but it gets dark quick. If it gets too dark, we'll cut the scenic route short and jump on the highway to DR home. My goal is to get home in time for MNF on my 46" 1080p LCD and some good eats and you're all invited (free garage parking). PM me for email/phone.

The map:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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