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Troubleshooting your Kat:

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Troubleshooting your Kat:
Engine will not start, or is hard to start:

1. Plugs not sparking

a. Fouled or defective plugs - clean or replace
b. Wet plugs - clean and dry
c. Defective ignition coil - replace
d. Open or short in plug wires - replace
e. Defective signal generator or ignition unit - replace

2. No fuel reaching the carburetors

a. Clogged fuel tank vent hose - clean or replace
b. Clogged or defective fuel valve - clean or replace
c. Defective carburetor float valve - replace
d. Clogged fuel hose or fuel filter - clean or replace
e. Bad fuel - drain tank and carb bowls. refill with known good gas and attempt start with fuel valve set to the PRI position.

Carb internals:

a. Starter jet is clogged - Clean.
b. Starter pipe is clogged - Clean.
c. Air leaking from a joint and carburetor - Check starter body and carburetor for tighteness, adjust and replace gasket.
d. Air leaking from carburetor's joint or vacuum gauge joint. - check and adjust.
e. Starter plunger is not operating properly - check and adjust (cable could be broken)

Idling or low-speed trouble.

a. Pilot jet, pilot air are clogged or loose - check and clean
b. Air leaking from carburetor's joint, vacuum gage joint, or starter - check and adjust
c. Pilot outlet or bypass is clogged - check and clean
d. Starter plunger is not fully closed - check and adjust
e. Idle stop screw set incorrectly - check and adjust.
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trouble shooting kat

if I can find the tools I am taking out the carbs next weekend and given em a good cleaning. and I think it is the jets because I read the main jet doesn't kick in until 6k rpm and that is exactly when things smooth out. so I think they need to be cleaned alot of bogus things were told to me when I bought this bike so now I am dealing with it. oh well I am enjoying it and I should be all set for the next bike I get this bike is a very good learning experience both in riding and repair. :D
Pilot jets are clogged, bet on it...if gas sits more than 30 days, it's all over..:laughing
ok if I scream pleas come running

ok got stuck with the kids this week while wifeys at work so gonna pull the carbs tomorrow hopefully and try to clean em out. I can find spray cleaner easy enough but finding the dip/bath bucket I can't find anywhere. so my tools will be spray an old toothbrush and a small wire brush (any suggestion on wire to go in jets I am thinking thread) and a can of compressed air. plenty of screwdrivers, wrenches etc. and a whole lot of patience and a claymers manual and you guys :D so keep an eye open may be screaming for help. well stuck in the house all week so I figured can't ride anyway so why not yank and clean.
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