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Tuesday evening 7-9 south side

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Anyone up for a spin tonight for a few hours ? Weber Rd meeting place. The heat and humidity are supposed to gone tonight. 'bout damn time ! I cant meet until 6:30 or so. Any takers ?
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If I am back from bloomington by then I will meet you also.
arug....I need to still try to find a upper radiator hose, but I'f I get it done in time......

(Gee dear, can I go riding tonight with the guys?:laughing )
Odysseys said:
hope it doesnt rain tonight:nono
whata trying to say...every time I plan on getting on my bike, it's gonna rain?:laughing
ahh it looks like all the rain is gone for the next few days...or atleast tonight
Damn, forgot this section of the board existed...thnx Ken....Let me get my ass in gear and I'll meet you guys there.
see you there mike at get off ya butt:laughing
bring ya A game brutha !:twofinger

anyone running late call my cell 630-842-3515
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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