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tuning advice?

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My ZX6R is running a little rough. It has a jet kit and full Yosh exhaust. I just cleaned the air filter element and changed the plugs (put the manufacturer recommended NGK CR9E back in... it had NGK CR8EK in it- a hotter, dual-tip plug- should I continue to use a hotter plug?). Now it's no better than before, and maybe a little worse. It splatters a bit when I open it up and there is a very noticable power loss (from a couple of weeks ago). May be running a little rich, but it's hard to say. I suspect it needs some carb tuning. What's the first step? I haven't done any adjusting, so carbs shouldn't be out of sync.
Also, when I start it in the morning and let it warm up it wants to die right after I get on it and stand it straight up (adjusting the choke doesn't seem to remedy this). Don't know if that means anything or not??? Anyone have any advice so I don't waste a lot of time and further screw things up? I've done a bit of mechanical work on cars in the past, but I'm relavtively new to bikes.
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hmmmmm so many questions. Carbs are so complicated that it's hard to say without being there and hearing your problem. Has the bike sat for a while? Sometimes if they sit a float bowl or two could get stuck and cause some sputtering. If they're not stuck that bad you can usually lightly tap a screw driver on the bowl covers to free them up, or my favorite....go out and gun out a few wheelies and bounce the carbs around a little. If that doesn't work I would take the carbs off and thoroughly clean them out. If you don't have any other major mods the jet kit you have should run pretty good. If that does'nt work you may have another issue, in which case I would say talk to Jim at 4&6 Racing they have a forumn on the board too!!!

BTW: welcome:cheers
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