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Turbo Busa Mapping

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Odysseys said:
but for real like ya said..that glith right in the prime range sucks ass..i would hate that unnerving feeling it would give....get that bad boy looked at once you get ride of a bike;)
Yeah, I just couldn't get in the right gear in the turns! The power delivery was to sporatic in the range I wanted to be with all the hesitation. At higher RPMs even the "stock" '01 produces too much power for my style. My preferred RPM range in the turns is about 3800-5500 RPMs.

Interestingly enough, looking at the '01 dyno charts the power increases in almost a straight line. So the horsepower gain is nearly linear. However the torque curve is very steep up to just under 4000 then rises very slowly up to 7500 then begins to taper off.

I'm not sure my "gut feel" is consistent with the actual power being produced.
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What map are you using Dave? Did they build you a custom one?
GsxrTony said:
What map are you using Dave? Did they build you a custom one?
It's a map from Elton/Brian that has been modified from the Hahn map and that they tweak for each bike.

Two thing concern me about the map. They didn't use a sniffer to monitor fuel mixture and they didn't spend much time working with the map in the low throttle low-to-mid RPM range. Naturally someone into racing is not going to spend much time in that range but sport road & track riding relys on smooth power delivery. Trying to compensate for erratic performance with the wrist only develops bad habits that are very bike specific.

I'm also now questioning the wisdom of the two-stage controller. It seems to me that a map would be developed at a particular group of settings that include the turbo characteristics. Using the second stage would raise the boost. Intuitively (to me at least) this would add air to the mixture pushing toward the lean side.

I may have to do some reading up on the dynamics of turbos on engines before feeling comfortable tweaking the tuning. My main concern is not damaging the engine by leaning the mixture too much under boost.

The bottom line is that the boost is fun, but if I can't even out the power delivery, I will ultimately not be contented with this bike. My expectation is that coming into boost would steepen the power curve but that the transition between boost and no boost should be smooth and predictable.
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give me a call i will be glad to tune it for you mine runs like a raped ape and is smoth as silk everywhere in the throtle range

it took me 1/2 a year to fix it and i had to build my owmn controler and dump the one that came with the kit but she runs great now

one hint go rich on all adjustments if it gets worse then go lean!!!!

in my opponion no one can tune a turbo bike with only on or two trips to the dyno. for sure if they dont have brake and air/fuel
The first thing I have to do is find a valid map for the PCIIIr with 2002 Hayabusa. When I load a map then try to upload the map from the PCIIIr I get a version mismatch. Until I get that resolved, I can't upload the custom map from the PC to begin tweaking. I will probably end up going to Brian and getting the map from him.
is he useing the pcIIIr to add fuel when on boost if he is DO NOT LOAD ANOTHER MAP!!!! you have to use that as you base tune and go from there
if not how are you adding fuel when boost comes up?
turbospeedIII said:
is he useing the pcIIIr to add fuel when on boost if he is DO NOT LOAD ANOTHER MAP!!!! you have to use that as you base tune and go from there
if not how are you adding fuel when boost comes up?
Yeah, I know about that. The problem is I can't get the map from the PCIIIr until I load a valid map into the software that matches the version of the PCIIIr map so that the other buttons enable.

This is that screwy, load a valid map before you have the functionality of the software, problem.

I need to load a map from disk, into the software only, NOT the PCIIIr, to enable the other buttons, then get the current map from the PCIIIr to use as a base map.

I know not to load a different map into the PCIIIr.
can you get a copy of the base tune on a disk from the guy who did it. he should be able to e-mail it to you
if not i can send you one of mine tommorow
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So, is my first assumption about turbos correct? That being that if fuel remains constant and you increase boost, you are increasing the amount of air in the cylinder and effectively leaning the mixture.

If so, how do you determine the proper mixture on the primary to get good performance but not be overly lean when you hit the second stage?

Would it be better to just eliminate the second stage to get a good balance of boost and fuel/timing?

How do you determine what the ignition advance/retard should be? How safe is it to fiddle with timing adjustments?
i am assuming that he has changed the pcIIIr to read boost insted of VOLTS off the TPS (Throtle position sensor)
you need to find this out before we start messing with it

you are correct about leaning the mixture!!

so that being said
what i think he he done is reprogramed the pcIIIyr to read boost and baised on rpm and boost it adds fuel so wheen you increse boost you can add fuel with the pcIIIr
so the stages on the button dont matter if the pcIIIr reads boost cuz it adds fuel baised in boost
lets get the first stage set and then mess with the second stage

dont mess with the timing till we are sure the fuel is correct you dont want to mess with to much at once
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The PCIIr is looking at TPS and RPM. It has not been modified to use a voltage derived from boost pressure.

I can imagine pluses and minuses for each approach.

I should be able to mess with the low throttle positions to work on the stumble similar to what I did on the '01. The difference is that the IIIr connects directly to the injectors while the PCII only altered the factory computer inputs. thus faking out the factory FI.

I'm going to assume that if I'm adding fuel to improve the operation that it should be safe, perhaps even an improvement. I'm more concerned with removing fuel. Is that mostly a concern in the higher boost areas?
Wow dave are you askin these questions at the wrong place. Go register at and ask over there, they will help you get in running in a few days time and wont cost ya anything most likly. they are always willing to help people out.
if it is reading tps and rpm you can mess with it just like the other one you had. it should be no problem just be carefull messing with it in ranges where you are building boost
GsxrTony said:
Wow dave are you askin these questions at the wrong place. Go register at
I am registered over there, but we need our own know-it-alls here too!:twofinger

Heck even my parents said any time they'd get me something nice I'd take it apart to see how it worked.:laughing Then I would remind them that I also put it back together.:D
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