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Ugly people need not apply!

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This is a great idea! Give it a call this is classic!!! remember this next
time you're at a bar and some scary guy/girl wants your phone number, give
them this one!
-listen to the entire message.

too funny
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Good un:rofl
Hehehe.. C-mon friends! You all know i'm not single. Plus with my good looks there is no way in hell any woman would ever give me a # like that:evil :bs

A friend of mines forwared it to my email. Yeah that's it! That's how I got it:p

BTW, 37 views with 5 replies. Didnt know we had that many uglies in here:laughing :evil JK uglies!!
this is too funny I'll be sending it around the office on Monday.
FUCK that was the # the ladie cop gave me:evil

just kidding funny shit...i am gonna pass that to a few ugly chicks.

ill just hang around you guys....:jester
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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