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For all you licensed racers only...

Brent Wyffels (W3 Racing) will be putting on a track day on Labor Day at BHF. Cost should be between $150-$200 depending on headcount. I just got home from their track day today and let me tell you - this is the BEST experience I've had yet! Michael Chachere and Brent helped me knock an easy 4 seconds off of my lap times by the end of the day. These guys are in a class by themselves - just INCREDIBLE.

I had all the track time I could handle (130 miles) - there were maybe 20 bikes total and we ran from 9 a.m. until a crash ended the day around 4 p.m (we were scheduled to run until 4:30). Got myy suspension dialed in (bike feels MUCH more solid, especially the front end)... Did some no-brake drills... worked on building my corner entry speed... committed to some new braking points and had a "just perfect" day!!

Their website:
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