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Weird crap on the site tonight

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OK, so i dont know if anyone else is getting this, but here are a few things I got errors or weird crao on!

Earlier today, made a post, got an error, backed the page up and re sent the post. The thread had my whole post as a hyperlink to the main page, and never updated the index. had to delete and retype my post.

got some weird garbledegook when tryin to look at a multi page thread. Stopped half way through and gave me what looked like ascii text.

this is all i can think of....but im gettin some wierd crap on multile machiens....just fyi

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Lupi, I saw what you were talking about tonight, too. It was loading only half a thread and then cutting off with some pieces of html code and crap like that at the end. Seems like everything going smoothly now though, so I wouldn't worry about it. :thumbsup
And here I thought it was just my crappy work connection. Seems I get about 4-5 posts on a thread and everything stops. Need to refresh and everything good again. Likewise when posting, I had a white screen with text come up. I just hit back and submit again and all is good. Not happening alot but occasionally. Both yesturday and today.
same here, both at work and at home yesterday!!:confused
ok I keep trying to post a screen shot and I am getting errors trying to do that. Grrrrrr.
now that took 9 attempts to post kept hitting the submit button and getting page cannot be desplayed. And the actual image is ony 6 inches wide.
Oh joy!!!

Time to move hosting companies again. What a pain in the ass.
Yeah, I've seen some of this too. It almost looks like a buffer overflow issue but with TCP/IP this really shouldn't happen. I was thinking I need to check my modem to make sure hardware flow control is still enabled.

Is anyone with DSL or cable modem seeing these symptoms?

I haven't really seen this with other sites though.
I havnt seen it happen yet and I'm on a cable modem. this one was a surprise to me.
Ok I just made a change that should help you guys on modems. As soon as I did it the board seems to instantly speed up on my end as well. Let me know what you guys see.
OK guess I shoulda mentioned this yesterday. I am on a T3 @ work, and DSL @ home. Had it on both yesterday. today seems to be fine thus far, but haven't been on a whole lot!
After several days of not seeing this, it now appears that some data is being lost again in the transfer that's messing up the HTML. I've noticed it for the last couple of days. Anyone else seeing this?
yep still getting it here at home and at work on my t1, hit refresh and it should reload ok
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