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What could I get ($$) for my 2 bikes?

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What do you think I can get for a 2000 Blue R1 w/ 3000 miles on it, & 1998 Yellow 900RR with about 10,000 miles on it?
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well i dont know what youll get for them..but ill start the opening bid.

2500 for the r-1
1850 for the cbr
Ok, let me make a better offer.
2501 for the r1
1851 for the 9
or 1993 Isuzu Amgio with a hard top for either one or both.:cheers
900 RR: $4,500

The R1: Priceless:)
When you decide, let me know what you want for the R1. I have a friend of mine that actually lives in your neck of the woods that is looking for one. Also, what mods have you made so far or is it bone stock?

I'm just talking out loud to myself, I guess....We have a couple CC that we wanted to pay off, but i think I will look at refinancing the house at a lower rate, and throw the CC balance into it.....

I was curious on what I could get for the bikes, but people's are cheap around here...:laughing :twofinger
Fred put his bike up on the selling block too. He's asking for about $7.5k if that'll give you a ballpark figure to contemplate further...

why are you even asking? trading in/up for something newer already?
Erick R1 is all polished though so it might be a bit more.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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