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What is bhp exactly?

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Brake horse power? For example the RC51 outs out 133bp and 71 ftlb of torque at 10,000 rpms.
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Brake horse power:

The net effective power of a prime mover, as a steam engine, water wheel, etc., in horse powers, as shown by a friction brake.

The term horsepower was invented by the engineer James Watt. Watt lived from 1736 to 1819 and is most famous for his work on improving the performance of steam engines. We are also reminded of him every day when we talk about 60-watt light bulbs.
The story goes that Watt was working with ponies lifting coal at a coal mine, and he wanted a way to talk about the power available from one of these animals. He found that, on average, a mine pony could do 22,000 foot-pounds of work in a minute. He then increased that number by 50 percent and pegged the measurement of horsepower at 33,000 foot-pounds of work in one minute. It is that arbitrary unit of measure that has made its way down through the centuries and now appears on your car, your lawn mower, your chain saw and even in some cases your
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to make all that shit he said simple: thats at the crank NOT rear wheel
thanks for putting it in terms us little people can understand Ody.:D
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