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what was the little off line thing?

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was offline for a few minutes there...what happened?:confused
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Maybe it was just you. :D I didn't notice any downtime.
could be me....?? for about 5 minutes I kept getting and unable to find server....with a really long website address that had tony's administrator web it was trying to connect directly to his computer.?? it was like blahblah/blahblah/GSXRTONY/Password/server/blahblah.phb

It than said hit refresh and if problem reoccurs press here to contact adminstrators. I kept hitting refresh and same thing kept coming up...for about 5 minutes and then...wham everything was fine....oihh well it works now...thats all that matters:) :)
its a sign bud.:twofinger
Champ91 said:
its a sign bud.:twofinger
nahhh.......this was a differant page :twofinger
Sounds like they rebooted the server.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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