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where the hell are these guys?>>>>>

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STEVE, MARK, (bruce ive seen on a few times)...WHAT the track has your mind only set on that now?:nono :twofinger
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also BIGGY....but then again i bet he got busted for underage dating:laughing
truth is mark bought my zrx and is affraid to come out!!!!!!!!!:twofinger :evil :evil :evil
Odysseys said:
you for real?
no!!:rofl :rofl
speakin of awol people where has hondahirny been hiding he is usually on every ride?:ponder
also, babette, marcin, meggy, greg:confused
babette has been on a couple rides but havent heard or seen the others rides or on the boards lately.
I think Hirney sold the XX and rides a Honda Shadow with a turbo and nitrous now
YZFRabbit said:
I think Hirney sold the XX and rides a Honda Shadow with a turbo and nitrous now
probably beet you in a race too didnt he!!!:twofinger :twofinger
Hirney just posted in the rides forum
I'm still lurking about.

Streetbike temporarily sidelined, should be repaired relatively soon. (stupid drop in driveway...):mad :mad :mad

I've been riding my bro's 900RR here and there....but seriously considering dropping the street riding for a few years(maybe???). I feel like everytime I go out I get pissed by stupid traffic/cagers/police and just idiots in general. I'll still probably keep a bike with a plate on it....just for those perfect sunday mornings with buddies though.

SO I'm gonna think it over and for the present time I'm gonna focus on the racetrack where all the other idiots are at least going the same direction and aren't driving 6,000lb SUV's. I'm having such a BLAST riding the baby hawk on the track, so far I've done BHF and Grattan on it! Its helping my riding SOOOO much, you guys with your literbikes don't know what your missing :jester Still need to get the suspension dialed a bit better, but the bike flat rails!:thumbsup

If you wanna see me....I'm gonna try to make the CCS races @ BHF on the 7/19weekend. Probably run the Fri practice and Sun sprints.

:twofinger :twofinger
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mark, i know what ya mean but dude thats:bs (to stop riding on the streets)?

Track is 1 thing and a GREAT thing, don't get me wrong. Riding on the streets is something different its a freedom, freedom to ride, free to head in any direction just because it peaks the interest some guys would say, ive been surviving the streets for such and such years.

I say ive been happy everytime I ride for many years.

sure there are those days, sure there are those idiots. but either cagers or bikers there always gonna be the stupid days. seize the time, seize the moment;)
JimGoFast said:

probably beet you in a race too didnt he!!!:twofinger :twofinger
Yeah, on my skateboard:jester It was interesting checking out one of those cruiser thingys though, totally forgot they existed until he showed up riding that thing once.
hey Ken I'm still alive just haven't had much of an urge to do the street thing either. About a month or so ago I did two days at Grattan and then the next week I did Road America - since then I've taken the bike out twice, once to see the 954 and last night I was downtown at 3AM and was still hot out.

I'm also thinking about doing the track only thing - right now I'm loooking for a 125 GP bike for the track, and have even had thoughts about selling the 929 or racing her out. Who knows what I'll end up doing :jester

btw - Martin sold his XX and is looking to buy a house
Hey Boss:

I'm still lurking too. I don't have as much of the Track Jones as Steve and Mark, but I'm not too far off. Street traffic, stupid drivers, crappy conditions and cops have just got me down. Case in point, Steve and Andy came by the office last Friday and we took off for a afterwork ride. I think we ended up riding around in traffic for almost 2 hours just for a good 10 minutes. While it was great to see the boys and Andy's new toy, it wasn't worth it from a riding standpoint. Lately, I've been commuting once or twice a week just to get out and going out Saturday or Sunday morning by myself for an hour or so and hitting the back roads out by me. Even then, I just won't push anything as I keep thinking about street vs. track. I'm almost to the point of just doing a track bike and getting a dirt bike. Maybe a pussy cruiser for the street. I'm thinking about a Busa with Heli bars and a double bubble or something tame like that. :rolleyes Plus to be honest, I'm just busy as all get out. I know I've should get out and play with everyone now and then, but... :(

I will make a point of seeing you and the boys soon. Sorry about being a Lurker.


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well atleast i know you guys are still vertical:laughing
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