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Who REALLY wants to STOP smoking?

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i know i do and i should, just like most of us i do KINDA like to smoke, it makes me feel good, but 99% of the time its like a fucken EVIL brain function, with coffee, after a meal, while ya drink, after sex (and MAN that's when i smoke to much....i have ALOT of sex) a while back i was watching wild Chicago and they showed some guy getting hytmotised, and they were like playing this message while he was under any way guess it worked the guy SAYS?? BUT the guy reporting smokes like 2 1/2 packs a day, and was even making fun of it as he was smoking he said his last smoke, as he yelled..yeah right, well after the program it stated he has been smoke free for 4 I wonder if this will REALLY help kill this fucken addiction.

Like most I have tried cold turkey, the patch, the gun, trying to reduce amount of smokes I have or the days I can and cant. WELL none of it REALLY worked.

I can feel the affect starting of smoking to me now, lung cheese in the morning, YELLOW stained teeth, smelly fingers and clothes, shortness of breath, and reduction in my ACTIVE activity. I would hate to see what my insides look like, but maybe I should so I can cry and throw up.

So anyway, me and bill were thinking of doing this, I was wondering if anyone else is ready to make a step again. Maybe I can get a group purchase?

ill try.

i am up to 2 packs a day to sometimes 2 1/2 and not to mention these mother fuckers are charging like 5 fucken dollars a pack. WE ARE PAYING TO KILL ourselfs, and its taking money away that we could do something better with, fuck ta might as well donate it away then to KILL ourselfs...shit man just me typing this shit is making me sick.

p.s. ive been smoking since i was 15 that was 16 years ago:(
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Well Ody if you really wanna quite, I am sure you can do it. I cannot offer any advice or anything more than words of encouragement. But I sure wish you luck on this path. Good Luck.
Trust me the few times i REALLY wanted to quite was when I tried. The biggest thing I found is when people piss ya off or a REALLY bad stress moment that basted finds my mouth.

once i went 3 weeks after 2 weeks of cold turkey i was a total asshole to be around and the cravings were REALLY messing with me, to the point all i would do was think about a smoke, then the 3rd week went by and i really think i was // that close for ever? then a family feud my sister acting like an ass with my mom i broke down and went for the smoke, that was 3 years ago. REALLY is a chemical and mostly MENTAL addiction..and man does it get a hold of you.

And if ya wanna say well your just week, then so be it...ill admit I am weak. Hopefully this hyymotise stuff will program my brain to erase this craving? and finally be done.

But this thread isn't about all the ifs and I almost.

WHO's in? Who else wants to stop?
Damn Ken, ditto everything you just said. Tried the gum, couldn't do it because it tastes like shit, I might as well just started chewing on cigarette butts for the way that stuff tasted. I quit a few weeks ago when I was too sick to smoke, went like 3 days and wasn't too sick anymore, went out drinking and that was over with. Tried again last week with the nasty gum, got some bastard car in at work and it was just pissing me off, nothing going right with it so over to the store for a pack of Newports I went. I'd be interested in the hypnotizing but money's tight and hypnotizing sounds expensive but if you find out and it's not too bad I'll do it, in the long run I'm sure it's cheaper than smoking. If we can get the guy to make you cluck like a chicken or some other crazy stuff that those guys do, I'll do it for sure :laughing .

I'd love to be able to quit, and it sounsd fun too

I'd be up for it. When I used to have the car I smoked 3 packs a day, now that I have the bike I'm down to about 1 1/2.

I don't even want to do the math to figure out how much I spent on cigarettes in my life...........
You are getting very sleepy....that sounds like a plan, I'm game. Doing 1 pack a day since I was 16, tried the gum, it sucks and it didnt work. When I was 22 or so I changed from smoking to Skoal Cherry for about 3 there's a real charming habit, eh? Amazing how the lung capacity goes up after not smoking, but replacing nicotine with nicotine isnt going to fix an addiction. Let me know what you come up with!
I'd do it. I have been smoking since I was 15. (28 now) This shit has got to stop. I have been trying the cold turkey route since sunday. But I did have oe last night. But thats a major cut back for me so I'm happy. This hypnotizm shit might help. Hey can he help with wheelies too? :D :D
A lady here at work did the Hypnotism recently. So far so good. Said she has a guarantee that if after 2 or 3 months she has started to smoke again they would hypnotise her again free.
I would say first you REALLY have to want to stop and stop FOR YOU!

Next, find a healthy substitute for the hand-mouth HABIT. This is the part where many people over eat.

After about 6 weeks you should have all the nicotene out of your body and begin to notice smells and the taste of your food.

At this point the chemical process should be mostly over and you are now battling the mental habit. You should expect to feel bad sometime during this when your body starts working to eliminate the toxins.

After about a year your body should be nearly back to normal, except for any possible permanent damage to your lungs.
GsxrTony said:
I have been trying the cold turkey route since sunday. But I did have oe last night.
Uhh, that's not cold turkey.:nono
Odysseys said:

Like most I have tried cold turkey, the patch, the gun, trying to reduce amount of smokes I have or the days I can and cant. WELL none of it REALLY worked.

No Ken,

not the's not worth it buddy:laughing

I have two friends that have been smoke free for 5years or so after hypnotism. They said that it doesn't work for some people. If you know anything about hypnotism the fact is not everyone can be hypnotized. It was attempted on me once and while the guy had my friends doing all this crazy stuff, I was in like a half transe and they couldn't get me to do much. Anyway, it's worth a try. I did it cold turkey myself about 6 years ago. I smoked about a pack a day for 7 years before that. But that's just brother's been trying for years to quit and can't. The only trouble I had was the lung cleaning process. I hacked stuff up for about 7 months.:mad . It sucked. But I feel so much better and healthier. I got a little scared when my Grandma died of lung Cancer too...I wouldn't want to see anybody go like that. Sad part is she never even took a drag. she lived with my Gandfather taking in second hand smoke most of her life. By the time she was thirty five she had a stroke and was paralyzed from the neck down. We always thought it would be her heart that would go. But the second hand smoke got her. Every now and then I feel the urge to have one. I kind of half smoked one Sunday at Starved Rock, but nothing beats taking a shower in the morning and rinsing out your fricn' hair not smelling that crap come off you.:thumbsup
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hey not bad, we got 4 guys:p

No seriously, you'd better because Im gonna whip your ass if we ever start sparring. Did you find a gym yet? Are we gonna do this or what? Maybe I should whip your black lung ass first, that will get you motivated when you see how long 3 minutes can be. Who else wants me to whip their ass. :D
hey john...while i still got my breath i suggest you roll into a ball to protect yourself:rofl then after the 1st shouldnt have no trouble beating the piss outta me..lmao

since we are :eek:t i forgot where ya said...(i gotta go look back on that thread) but also zx10hooligan knows of a place too and was wondering also...looks like all 3 of us can spare each other or some shit.:evil

i told ya guys too anytime we get a few more guys..we could do some fight club shit in my will be easy to clean any mess since its just concrete down there;)
I've got two pairs of real 16oz gloves...sold my headgear a few years back though. Let's get this rolling in a couple weeks.
you mean for a sparring gym or my basment?

also too i gotta buy my gear for this?...i dunno about now adays...when i use to all the gear was haning on the wall of the gym..just picked what fit.
Your basement if we can't find anywhere to go...

I'm gonna be real busy the next couple weeks...after that I'll have more time.
OH OK looking to sell a pair of gloves?...if so if they fit ill buy a pair, if not ill get all the gear i need them?....any idea where to shop?

also too ill drop hooligan a shout, and see if he wants in on would be cool to find a gym with a ring...cause when i knock your ass out cold its gonna hurt even more hitting the concrete:evil

(and remember no hard feelings about beating each other up) in fact i am gonna let you hit me alot...i feel like taking some punches latley...weird mood i guess.
Is this sparring or all out boxing? Sparring is usually at an 80% level. If you want to rumble, we can do that too. I GUARANTEE you won't be knocking my ass out.

I'm not selling the other's always nice to have an extra pair to shut-up those "tough guys" up with.

I don't do that sissy toughman shit...arms flying around frantically. I box.
nahh i can stick to boxing thats cool.
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