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Who says Busa's cant turn?

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:D check out this video, nicely done.

Deals gap
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Nice video. I guess Busas can corner, eh? :thumbsup
Kruz said:
So what's your excuse Tony? :twofinger


...... I'm thinkin' Hold on :D

Mines lowered, ya thats it, mines lowered :twofinger

Actually I throw mine around fairly decent. but I do need to get on a track and get some real practice.
Yeh Ill give you credit for throwing the Busa around fairly well on the street. You need to join us at the track...SOON. You'l pick it up no problem. I can't beleive you haven't the FREE intro sessions. 10-15 laps for free.
I can help sand off those chicken strips......:D
10 - 12 is about right. We did 22 miles on Sunday in the 1st 2 sessions. At just under 2 mile track, BHF, thats about 11 laps.
I am planning on it next year. This year has been tight with the markey the way it is. And I dont have all the gear for the track. I dont think they would be happy If I showed up in a pheonix jacket, jeans and work boots :D :D
Wow!!! Nice video but is that guy from the UK or something he seems to forget which side of the road to ride on.
Nope he's one of them Florida drivers :D :D :D
Sweet vid. Crossing the double yellow, bad idea.....
very nice video. I like the sparks at the end there. :jester
It easy to tell who hasnt rode a busa.

Mine sure cant turn.

Well I cant turn.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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