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Who Stocks Helmets?

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My older boy or one of his friends managed to drop my Arai Quantum the other night. Not like any of them will admit to it.
Gotta replace it.
Anyone know of shops that cary an assortment of helmets readily accessable from the northern suburbs?
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Pretty much all the bike shops will have them.

Nielsen's on 132 and 83 in Lake Villa
Woodfield on Golf road in Hoffman Estates.
Banzai in Libertyville.

I'll PM you my personal preferences. We generally don't discuss the various bike shops around here.

if u drop a helmet.. you gotta replace it? or did yours crack pr something?
If I had dropped it, or had any idea of what type of drop it was, I would make a decision about replacement based onthat.
Since my sone and his friends are unwilling to admit to dropping the helmet, or give me an idea if it was dropped or merely kicked around on the ground, I have to assume the worse case scenierio, and err on the side of safety. I have to assume the helmet may no longer function as intended.
I spend a lot on my equipment, and make sure it is right.
Failure to do so may have serious consequences.
As a wise man once said, if you have a $10 head, put it inot a $10 helmet.
On a sports bike, you can't afford to be dollar wise and pound foolish.
If I didn't care, I would be like other organ donars and ride in shorts and a **** t and tennis shoes, rather than ful leathers and a premium helmet
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tripod said:
If I didn't care, I would be like other organ donars and ride in shorts and a **** t and tennis shoes, rather than ful leathers and a premium helmet
Whats wrong with that? i have alpinestar flip flops, draggin jeans daisy dukes, joe rocket muscle t-shirt great fookin gear :twofingers
tripod, I agree with you fully. Not worth the risk. sides your already on the side of caution by wearing a helmet anyway. why take a chance on it being defective.
"As a wise man once said, if you have a $10 head put it into a $10 dollar helmet"

Sure was a catchy slogan, wasn't it? Actually, I remember that slogan as being very clever ad copy from Bell Helmet's print ads, sometime around the early/mid 1970's. Makes one believe the smarter he is, the more he can justify spending on the helmet. The truth is, you're not paying for extra safety and protection with premium helmets; as even bottom market helmets sold here MUST pass the same Snell/DOT tests by law. You're paying extra for comfort and removeable linings, features like good ventilation, better faceshields and mechanisms ($50 each from Arai!), better paint and graphics. I also read we're paying around $60 each helmet for manufacturers legal liability/lawyers that is passed along to the consumer.

That said, even though Arais will not be sold mail order any more and the day of $700 dealer helmet prices are a reality, you can't compromise on a dropped/damaged helmet. Hard to believe how many people in Illinois ride without one, isn't it?
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That's not quite true, many helmets have only DOT designations, and were not submitted to SNELL for testing. Snell has much more stringent testing, and personally, I wouldn't think of buying a DOT only certified helmet.
How many riders replace their helmets after 3 or 4 years? That is also a safety issue. Most helmet manufacturers will (for around $100), test a helmet, replace all the liners and fabric, and even give it a new certification. In the past, while still racing formula cars, I would send my custom painted Simpson Super Sharks in every 2 years.
How many riders abuse their helmets by leaving them on the mirror or hanging fromt he bars while parked? That also causes a deformation in the lining, possibly rendering the helmet less effective?
Most everything on the body can heal, be repaired, or replaced. The brain can't. I can walk with a limp, I can't function without a brain.
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According to an article in Sportrider a slight dropping of your helmet will not cause the internal foam to collapse since there is no weight(like your head) inside of it. however if you crash and impact your helmet you need to replace it.

Chicago Performance has lots of helmets and good prices as well.
I'm not concerned with a slight drop damaging the foam lining, I'm more concerned witht he structural integrity of the shell. Can't see possible fractures under paint.
I can't help you there; I have not idea how much of the protection is covered by the shell


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