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Wont someone ride with me....pluuuhleeeze? Friday 2nd

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Damn it's nice out, lets ride.

Where: Strats on North av. just west of 83

When: 7PM

How: ???????:evil
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I will possibly, I know my plans for the night are riding and more riding.

But I'm going to sleep right now, plan on setting my alarm to wake up when rush hour is over, but I'm a snooze button whore, so we'll see....
oh so nice out. i try real hard to be there. need to strech bike legs.
think I can make this too - gonna try and fix my turnsignals 1st :rolleyes
Re: Where do you go from there?

Naked_1 said:
Where do you go from there?
Do you just go play in traffic?
Do you go to any "spots" for fun?
I figger go play in traffic, kick a few cars, then pass by the dope dealer, get some rolls, and then hit this one club that is sponsoring an S&M night.:evil
I think i'll be there, if on not there on time don't wait.
Righty Roah Jughead....who are you????:jester CLSB has already exceeded it's quota on Nickey Haden imposters, shoo shoo!:evil Get your butt there, I want to see the RC again!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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