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Working on Carbs....

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Just curious, do you pull your carbs off the bike when adjusting, or changing jets, or do you leave them on the bike, drain the carb bowls, and work on them that way....

I never seem to have enough clearance room, so I always pull them off, but this takes more time, a pain to put them back on, and can throw the sysch off....
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Most ALL carbs needs to be token off and flipped...when in doubt do what ya need to do.

and simple taking them off wont throw them out of sync
If you were just shimming the needles, or swapping them out, you could do that in place. Getting to the float bowls is not as easy. Instead of taking them completely off the bike (if that's what you're doing), just undo the rubber intake boots, and flip the carbs over towards the guages. Use a towel under them to avoid scratches. I use a bungee cord to hook to the carbs and then up to the headlight bracket. They are held right in place that way. Also, anytime you do any adjusting of the air/fuel screws or jets or needles, you still should resync them. It really only takes a few minutes and a couple burns on the knuckles (if you're not quick) once you've done it before.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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