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Yup thats right.. 2000 Yamaha YZF-R1 for sale.

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Well I am selling the R1.. I havent decided what I am going to get yet but the R1 is for sale.

I have fixed everything back to normal. Besides the undertail on the bike. Which is on but just has to scratches on it.. tail, clip, break light and everything else is back to normal.

Umm I am willing to let the whole thing as is go for $7,500. It has only 4056 miles on it. Ridden for 1 season. (yeah I dont ride much I know)

K&N air filter, Micron slip on pipe (to keep the exup valve), zero gravity screen and some minor chrome pieces. I will also leave the scotts steering damper on the bike.

I figure I would let any of you guys have first dibs on it before i put it in the paper and also post it on SBN. Many of you guys ridden with me and has seen its a great bike.. If you have any questions.. You can always PM me or send me a email.
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Fred, if you're looking to sell it in whole or in pieces, feel free to post it on my R1 board. It's a 99% r1 owner forum, if you're looking to target that audience.

I go by the same login there, I'm the owner.
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